Enterprise Laravel Success Stories Survey

I'm gathering this information in preparation for an upcoming talk, but also for the sake of sharing successes about Laravel in general. I want to know more about people's experiences using Laravel in an enterprise setting.

Quick heads up: If your project serves a lot of people but is very small, I don't consider it "enterprise". This survey focuses on using Laravel in big organizations, usually with big dev teams and lots of constraints. It's a little hard to say what "big" means, but if you have under 5 devs and under 50 people in your company, you're probably not enterprise? I think? Who really knows though. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Were there any challenges in choosing/adopting Laravel? Did you consider other tech? Was there anything specific about Laravel that drew you to it, or any objections you had to overcome?

What have your experiences been like using Laravel on this project? Good? Bad? Anything you really love or really want to see improved?

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